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Dear visitor.

Welcome to the site of Galerie de Vries.

During the last twenty years, the owner of the company, Mr. Martijn de Vries has been dealing in Art Deco and Design objects and other rare and unusual objects.

He started the company when he was just twentyfour years old, by obtaining unusual objects without realizing their Art Deco provenance, because at that time Art Deco wasn’t very popular and certainly less well known than it is now. Martijn de Vries just took his truck and travelled to France, bought items, painted them black, added some chrome and sold them. During that period the Art Deco market required that sort of object.

After an extended period of studying these objects, photographing them and reading specialized literature, Martijn de Vries realized that there was a much better way to go about it. From that time he started to restore the items to a state close to the original condition and transformed them to a condition almost like new.
After decades of study and working with these Art Deco objects originating from all European countries, Mr de Vries can safely state that he knows his way around in that field. In production objects he realizes that manufacturers in various countries all had their specific processes, techniques and used specific materials.

Over the years Martijn de Vries found out that he had a personal preference and great love for Art Deco made in France. Therefore many of the objects you will find on this website have originated in France.
You will not only find items made by well-known architects, and items designed by lesser names, but also some by unknown designers. It is true however that all items have been designed by men and women who had the love, quality and expert knowledge for making designs the finest items in existence, either hand made or industrially produced.

All the objects you will find at our website are guaranteed by us as original objects and are not modern copies.
You will find items both in restored and un-restored condition at our site. The reason for putting items in un-restored condition on this web-site are the following

  • So clients can see that we are dealing in only original items from the Art Deco period; So clients can see what they look like before and after our restoration;
  • So clients can choose there own fabric;
  • So clients have influence on the restoration process, for example, by adding a new mirror or not, and the choice whether a brass parts must be re-nickeled or re-chromed - or not;
  • So other dealers or interior decorators can buy original items in un-restored condition if they prefer their own restorers.
We hope that you after reading our history know about more of the way we are working, our company and that we are very dedicated and addicted to work of the lovely period from Art Deco.
When you have any questions or if you want to know something about Galerie de Vries or Art Deco or else feel free to ask.

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